written by Nur Madihah Samad 11th January 2019

In today’s culture of always being available and on-the-go, we often forgot to take care of ourselves or worst; we tend to put our own needs last on the list. This week on Stylechatter, we have Sarah Bagharib (You may have read her beautiful #MIMPIKITABRIDE story before) but this time we’ll let Sarah inspire our ladies with her self-care tips!

  1. Tell us about yourself, Sarah.. Hi I’m Sarah and I’m from Singapore! I’m a former documentary producer-director and I’ve worked on a wide range of programmes, from hard-hitting current affairs for Al Jazeera to a series on contemporary artists for Bloomberg TV. After five years of working in TV/documentary production, I decided to try something different and now work for an international NGO as a communications officer.Outside my job, I’m a TEDx speaker, a founding member of The Codette Project that’s a ground-up initiative trying to increase awareness and access to tech for minority/Muslim women, and also currently sit on the Corporate Communications Advisory Committee at the Singapore Muslim Women’s Association (PPIS).I’m also a social advocate who pushes for all things that empower women. In December 2017, I founded Crazycat, a movement for the everyday women who are living life serving their own purpose. I build this community through content, events and hopefully workshops in the future!
  2. What is Crazycat? Can you share what it’s all about? As I mentioned, Crazycat is a movement that hopes to inspire and support women with grit and ambition through our content, events and workshops. A Crazycat is a teacher, barista, single mother, entrepreneur, essentially the everyday woman with goals (regardless big or small) who is constantly striving to be the best version of herself and living a life that serves her own purpose.We’d like to build a community where women can come together and feel that they’re not alone on this journey called life.
  3. We like seeing how supportive you’ve been towards self-care awareness on your social media – how do you usually practice self-care towards yourself & why do you think it’s important for everyone to do so as well? Thank you! To be honest, I’ve been finding it quite hard to practice self-care for myself because life gets in the way and it can get quite crazy. But then I’ll remind myself that hey… I gotta practice what I preach! So what I typically do is switch off – I stay away from social media for a while and I literally do nothing. I sleep. I watch shows on Netflix. I think self-care is all about making sure that your mental well-being is taken care of and for me, it’s listening to my body when it says it needs to rest. I think it’s important for everyone to do so as well because honestly if you’re not taking care of your mental and well-being then everything is just going to be counter-productive. You’re going to feel sluggish, unwell and you won’t be at your 100%. 
  4. Tell us a little bit about your own personal path of empowerment? What was significant? I think I was 23 when it hit me that I wasn’t giving myself enough credit, that I wasn’t loving myself enough and that I was too reliant on other people to make myself feel… whole. It was only after realising all that when life made a whole lot more sense to me! It was also then that I vowed to myself to make sure that other women know and recognise their own unique strengths and that other women feel more than adequate because we seriously tend to discredit ourselves, we really tend to downplay our own strengths and it’s a whole lot easier to compare ourselves to others and say “Hey, her life is so much better than mine.” But it really isn’t and it never will be if you love and respect yourself enough to know that YOU are enough, more than enough. 
  5. Can you share with us a day of life as Sarah Bagharib? Hahaha I honestly don’t know how to answer this question because the truth is that no one day in my life is the same. I don’t have a routine (my husband freaks out about this!) but I really don’t. I wish I do though then maybe I can manage my time better – this is something I’m still trying to learn and achieve. The only constant is that I need coffee to start my day!

  6. Any clues as to what is brewing at Crazycat? Any good news for Malaysian Crazycats? Before I answer this, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the everyday women who are part of our community – you inspire us to do even better for you each and everyday. This year has been massive and we are so grateful for all your support and encouragement. We’ve been a little quiet lately because we’re doing our best to figure out what 2019 will bring but we hope to have better content and events next year! As for Malaysian Crazycats well… what would be good news to you? We are already eyeing a few potential amazing people to collaborate with but we’d love to hear from you to know more about what you hope to see and gain! Write to us? info@hellocrazycat.com 🙂 
  7. How’d you describe your go-to style & who is your favorite fashion icon? I’m typically in white! White shirts are my go-to, my closet staple. My favourite fashion icon is none other than Olivia Palermo, forever and always 😉
  8. Any empowering words you’d like to share with all the women reading this interview? Always always always be kind to yourself. We’re our own harshest critic and there’s really no need for any of that. Also spend more quiet alone time and reflect on anything and everything – you won’t believe what just 5 minutes of self-reflection can do for you and how much you’ll learn about yourself, and then use that new knowledge and go forth. Embrace your own unique strengths because hey, no one is you, and that is your power 🙂

Sarah is wearing MKITA Double Breasted Suit, MKITA Hi Lo Shirt and MKITA Cigarette Trousers both in UK 8. Check out Sarah and her women empowering movement, Crazycat on Instagram – @sarahbagharib and @hellocrazycat

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