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Mimpikita x Athisha Khan

written by Mimpikita 24th September 2020

Like the kind soul she is, a sense of building a culture filled with substance of kindness was the beginning of this collaboration between Mimpikita and Athisha Khan. Together, we aim to make it known to all that kindness matters and everyone should be speaking with kindness, actions that reflect kindess and essentially having kindess as a constant and core in our every day life.

Seeking comfort in wearing a cozy versatile sweater, this collection features 2 designs that both in it’s own way has a touch from Athisha and Mimpikita. The minimalist and subtle logos featured in a sweet pink gives a sense of feminitity power and a reflection of how kind women are. Like a wave that passes through, a bold blue was chosen to represent Mimpikita as a brand that aims to reach out to all out there, represented by #thekitagirls that came in all sorts of girls and women- kind hearted, multi talented, and stylish in their own way.

Thus, with all that in mind, Athisha together with Mimpikita wants to be a building block of the newest group in town called ‘The Kind Pack’. We believe a little bit of kindness goes a long way, so be kind to your mind and trust that there’s power in kindess. Get everyone around you to see the kindness comes through you and they too will follow suit in being kinder to themselves and others around them.

This limited edition collection will be available at Mimpikita’s flagship store in Bangsar and
also online on www.mimpikita.com.my retailing at RM199



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