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The Full Story of my IVF Journey

written by Nurul Zulkifli 31st January 2019

Sharing session with Dr Natasha from KL Fertility Centre

Hi guys! One year later, here I am again after a ‘break’! Time certainly has flown by and the twins are now 1.5 years old. I know, I know, they grow way too fast (sob sob), in another blink I think they’ll be like 18 before I know it!

By now, I think most of you are aware of my story, how I’ve waited 10 years and my IVF journey bla bla…. Until now when I look at them, I feel so blessed and grateful that I am a proud mother of twins. I still remember how year after year, I pray and pray hoping that one day I will have a child of my own. Now I have twins, MasyaAllah!

Every time whenever someone stops me and says I’m so lucky and the common question that arises is- ‘Was is it in the family?’ I smile and say no, I actually did IVF (I know its normal to have twins when you do IVF but in my case I was lucky, transferred one and it split into two – hence, Adam and Noah!) Yes, we are that lucky because it happens only 1-3% in IVF. I think I can consider them as my miracle babies.

After 3 years from IVF to pregnancy and now raising them, I still feel the need to somehow do whatever I can to share my journey. This time I am going to share with you in a little bit more detail, step by step before IVF and during IVF (disclaimer: I’m not a doctor and this based on my personal experience)

I got married when I was 25 years old and at that time most of my friends were not married yet and I was still finishing my masters degree. We decided to just go with the flow and not think so much about having a baby (considering it as our honeymoon year) But from time to time I did, hoping I will eventually get pregnant, you know just like normal people do.

The 1st year came and went by just like that, we went back home for good and that’s when reality kicks in! Because you know what it’s like, you go and attend family gatherings and all the ‘makciks’ throw you that infamous question- if you are not married yet- ‘When are you getting married?’, if you’re married then it’s ‘When are you having a child?’. In my case since I was married, so I got the latter one.

So off we went to see a specialist for the first time to check if there is anything wrong with any one of us. Before any treatment we were advised to go run a few tests and the first one was blood test to check whether the hormone level is at good rate for me and whether we both are free from any disease.

Apart from that, what I felt was (which I think was) the most painful part was the hsg test!(not gonna lie) because I wasn’t warned before hand so I was not prepared. This test was done to make sure there is no blockage on my fallopian tube. I went alone thinking it was gonna be easy and should be done in no time. Yes it took only 5 minutes but it was so painful. So yes, drag your partner along, you never know what you might get yourself into hahahah.

The last checkup was to check on the husband’s sperm! The results from all the test were all clear, phewww! Following that, we were advised to take supplements(clomid) and monitor the cycle for 2/3 weeks. We did just that for a few years ( few years sounds a bit too long eyy, but we thought it was still too early to go to the next step)

On the fifth year of our marriage we decided seek for help after failing to conceive naturally. The next step that we did was IUI treatment(permanian berhadas) which actually is the second type of treatment after taking clomid and supplements. The price was pretty reasonable around RM2000 for treatment and most specialist will advice their patient to only try out IUI for maximum of 3 times.

For us of course the IUI treatment was not successful, it took me a year to fully recover from all the sadness. 2015 was the year when we decided to move on to the next step which is IVF treatment!! (sounds exciting huh because I was so confident that its gonna turn out ok considering the amount that I have to pay..hmmm)

IVF treatment also known as ‘bayi tabung uji’ is the next treatment that should be considered when you are 35 and  above (younger/older depends on how ready you are). At that time I was only 33, and thought yes I am ready now! Been married for 5 years or more, have tried IUI and failed. At that time I was only 33 and yes I am ready!. Married for 5 years or more, have tried IUI and failed. Basically once you are ready to have kids then you can undergo IVF treatment.

My first IVF was something I will always remember. I was 100 percent confident because I heard the success rate of IVF is 100%, but it is NOT. The major factor is the age of the female partner, the younger the female partner, the higher the success rate. Women’s age below 30 years old have 60-70% success rate whilst for women above age of 30 years old it is between 30-50%. So in my case I was 33 at that time and the possibilities of success was only 60-70%. Lesson learnt the hard way is that, I need to bare in mind the percentage of possible failure so that I won’t be too distraught with the result  if it does not turn out the way I expected it to.

After the heart breaking news of the first IVF, I took a year’s break had a year break just to clear my mind and body. I came back ready for another round in 2016!

This time I went to KL Fertility, the same place we did our IUI and this time we were more than ready because we basically know what to expect and with the help from the doctor and the nurses it was easy for us. We had to undergo the same procedure that we had previously which was Hormone injections daily, starting from second day of menstruation. This injection of hormones was to ensure eggs that were being produced as many as possible (but not excessively, a good number is 7-8 eggs)  and followed by a check up on the 6th/9th /12th day of menstruation.

After 11th day of injection, the eggs were then extracted (Extraction procedure was done through the vagina, eggs were taken out and Embryo transfer will take place 3 days after the extraction or two months after (Frozen Embryo Transfer). We decided to do the embryo transfer two months after because at that time I feel the need to let my body rest and ready for the next procedure. After the transfer I was advised to stay at home and not do any heavy work for two weeks.

The most important day came, we did the normal pregnancy test at home and boyyyy neither one of us could sleep the whole night! Hahaha. We woke up after subuh and did the test right away. Alhamdulillah finally we had good news, we sat there quietly looking at the pregnancy stick with 2 lines(positive lines) the TWO LINES that we have waited for 10 years!!! Alhamdulillah.

Fast forward now Alhamdulillah, it still brings tears to my eyes whenever I recall that moment. To all my dear friends, please do not give up and please do not wait too long to go for a checkup. We all have a choice to make, do not listen to others when they belittle us of not being able to conceive naturally. Everyone has their own struggles and we ourselves are allowed to decide what is best for us, okay! and rezeki semua ditangan-Nya (yes IVF is allowed in Islam as mentioned by Dr Natasha- specialist in fertility treatment)

My advice is, couples who has a tough time to conceive,support each other and never blame the other person when failing to conceive. Marriage in the first place is not all about happy things,there are moments when there are problems and struggles.The journey trying to get pregnant is a tough one so be prepared and always have positive energy surrounding you and your partner!

So all in all, I am reminded every day of how blessed I am to have Adam and Noah now in my life. My motto in life is to never give up, even if the journey to success is 1/5/10 years. Be patient, do what you can, persevere and leave the rest to God. May my story about my journey in going through several different treatments help women out there that wishes to get pregnant. My prayers are with you, and I wish you all the best!


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